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Phishing emails are the worst! It seems like scammers are getting smarter every day, and their emails are harder to avoid. It’s always best to delete a suspicious email without opening it. And, NEVER click a link or open an email attachment unless you are absolutely sure it’s from a trusted source. Here’s a handy checklist to use […]

Holiday Safety Online

The holiday season, really from Halloween through the twelfth day of Christmas, is my favorite time of year. I love just about everything about the holidays. But, with the good comes the thieves.

What you need to know about the Equifax Breach

Equifax estimates this data breach affects 143,000,000 American consumers – over 40% of American adults. Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, estimates 12 million Texans are affected. Equifax learned about the breach on July 29 and failed to disclose the breach publicly until September 7.